glue%20trap.jpgWhen I went to the local .99 cent store for mouse traps I found these PETA approved devices. I’m debating buying these. I guess the mouse wanders over them…then gets stuck…like Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby…to me…this seems like the mouse would still be living, and pissed should he get caught in the trap. According to my wife, they are still alive when they get stuck. I guess it’s a very ugly site to behold…tufts of fur, ripped off limbs…etc.I’m not using one of these yet, but as of now, the mouse has eaten the peanut butter off the trap 2 times, tripping the traps both times. How he set off the traps, and didn’t get stuck is beyond me…he’s either very quick, or a rat (not a mouse).if he is a rat…then I’ll need to reload with bigger weapons. If the traps have not captured him by attempt 5, I’m going glue trap on him.
Score as of now Mouse 2- Jaime 0