When Paco was heading up to Seattle with his girl, he asked me if I could help him move. I said of course, and we were set. We loaded up his white truck, and grandpa’s truck and headed north. Paco’s younger brother Marco rode with me, so I would have someone to talk to. We left Friday afternoon.

The ride up was pretty uneventful. We stopped only for gas, and food.
We got to Seattle pretty late at night. I’m not sure where we ended up sleeping that night.

Paco and his girl hadn’t found a place to live yet, so in the morning we put all of their stuff in a storage shed. It took about an hour to unload it. The storage shed was this weird labyrinth of fabricated rooms varying in size. We managed to pack a very small room with quite a bit of Paco’s stuff. Paco and his girl would spend the week living with Guillermo while they searched for a place to live. When they found a place, they’d move their stuff out of storage. Marco and I would stay in Seattle for a night or two, then head back to Redding.

Saturday, after we had unloaded the trucks, we hung out downtown for a little while, then went to Eduardo’s place to hang out. Marco and I were leaving pretty early in the morning because I had to be back Sunday for work the following day. We were dreading the 10-hour drive that lay ahead. At some point I suggested to Marco that we should leave right then, at midnight. Marco said he wasn’t tired, and he’d be able to help keep me awake. (Marco didn’t have his license yet, so he couldn’t help drive) We mulled the idea around for the next 20 minutes and decided we really could head back that night.

Eduardo, Paco, and Paco’s girl thought we were insane, but our minds were made up and we were going.

We got in the big truck, gassed it up, and hit Interstate-5 south. Marco was true to his word, for about the first hour. He wasn’t tired.

About 30 minutes north of Portland he started dozing off.

“WAKE UP SH*THEAD!” I’d yell, “You said you were going to keep me awake.”

“Whu dude? I’m not sleepin…I’m just chillin.”


“No seriously, I was just restin’ for a bit…I’m good, I’m not tired.”


By the time we hit Portland he was in a coma.

I couldn’t do it by myself. The radio stations were going to crap, and I had nobody to talk to. Just outside Portland city limits I stopped for my first nap.

“I’m stopping Marco, I can’t stay awake.”

“uuuuuuuh, cool.” Marco mumbled still asleep.

I slept for about an hour, than awoke feeling well enough to press on. It was about 2:30 in the morning.

Marco was awake now, provided a little conversation. Just like before, an hour down the road he started dozing off again.

“D**N YOU MARCO! You’re USELESS!! You said you’d keep me awake, you’re already asleep again!!”

“No dude, I’m awake.”

“With your eyes closed? And your head leaning against the window? You ain’t awake, lying bastard.”

“Seriously, I am…you wanna stop and get some coffee dude…that might help me.”

We stopped and got some coffee, it helped for about 45 minutes and Marco was back to dozing off.

Once again, I couldn’t stay awake without someone to help me.

We pulled over just outside Eugene.

“MARCO, I have to sleep, you’re worthless.”

“Cool dude, sorry, I didn’t think I was this tired.”

We slept for a couple of hours, felt our second winds, and made the final push.

The ride from Eugene to Redding was good. Marco and I saw the sun come up, and had some good conversation. Up until this point Marco had just been Paco’s little brother. I learned a lot about him, and what he wanted to do when he was out of school, etc. We had good conversation, and before we knew it we were in Redding. We got back about 10am. I dropped him off at home, then went home myself and slept the rest of the day.


On the way up, Marco and I were following Paco. We took the back route from south of Portland To Seattle, on highway 405. It would remove the Portland traffic, and get us there just as fast. Paco was far more familiar with the route than me, so it was crucial we stayed behind him. If we got lost, there would be no way to find them. It was now that Marco informed me that he had to urinate.

“Dude I have to piss.”

“I can’t pull over, I have to follow them, or else we’re screwed.”

“DUDE. SERIOUSLY I HAVE TO PISS!!!” Marco said with a sense of urgency.

“I can’t pull over, we’ll lose them!! I’ll try and flash my headlights, and get their attention or something.”

I tried hard to get their attention, but there were no results. Their truck was filled with stuff, so he couldn’t look in the rearview and see our flashing lights. We were on a one lane part of the highway, so I couldn’t even get alongside them to get their attention.

Marco was getting really jumpy. He had taken his seatbelt off to relieve the pressure it put on his bladder.

“Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriously, I’m gonna piss my pants, YOU HAVE TO PULL OVER!!!”

” I can’t, they’ll never see us, and we’ll get lost.”

“DUDE! What am I going to do?”

“Piss in that chip bag man.” I said referring to the empty potatoe chip bag he had leftover from an earlier food stop.

“Are you serious? No way dude. I’m not going to piss in that chip bag. PULL OVER!”

“I can’t…Piss in the chip bag.”

“No! Pull over! Paco will see you…I can’t hold it…”

“He can’t see us his truck is piled with stuff! Bag it or wet your pants, I’m not pulling over…It’s not my truck you’re the one who’ll have to sit in it the whole way there.”

“NO I’m NOT pissing in this chip bag, what if it overflows?”

“pinch it off…use the soda bottle.”


“I’m not pulling over dude.”

“Pull ooooooooooooooover!”



“I’m sure the bag will hold it…”


Finally Marco was at the bursting point, he had no choice, use the chip bag, or wet himself.

“Sh*T dude…go slow…” He said moving into position.

“You gonna use tha bag?”

“I have to…you wan’t stop you bastard.”

“HAHAHAHA awesome.”

“It’s not awesome.”

Marco began the difficult task of filling the chip bag. It wasn’t a huge chip bag, but one of those “big grab” bags.

“OH man it’s filling up…dude! It’s filling up….it’s starting to…spill out..SH*T go SLOW!! PULL OVER, SOMETHING!!!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA” I couldn’t help but laughing…he was totally flipping out, as I imagine anyone who was peeing in a big grab sack would be.

Finally he finished the task, and looked at me.

“What the hell am I supposed to do with the sack now?”

“I dunno…throw it out the window or something… can’t keep it in here.”


So marco rolled down his window, and I slowed down a bit, and he released it to the wild.

About 3 minutes later Paco pulled over to tell us something. It was very funny.

“MAN I could have waited! Marco wailed. “Don’t tell anyone.”

Yeah right. I told Paco right away.