I guess this post doesn’t fit really well in the category “Bad Food”.  Maybe “Food that sounds bad, but really isn’t”.

I recently returned from a vacation to Kauai with my family.  It was a great time, very relaxing, and a beautiful place to visit.  While we were there, we made quite a few stops at the local “Foodland” to pick up groceries and drinks on our way to the beach, or returning to our condo.  My younger brother usually came with me when I’d make the stop, and on our first trip in, he found a local Hawaiian snack that was very foriegn to us, Musubi.  We had seperated to grab different things when we got in the store, and he bought the musubi and showed it to me when we got into our rental car.

“What is that?” I inquired.

“Musubi!” He replied.


“No, Moo Soo Bee, it’s rice, nori and spam.”

“Sounds delicious.” I said skeptically.

He then unwrapped the cellaphane from the warm musubi (it had been sitting under a heat lamp), and took a bite.


“No way, that can’t be good?” my interest was peaked.

“Try it!”

So I took the seaweed wrapped rice and spam log and took a bite.  I was stunned, he was right, this thing was pretty good!  We found out later, that there were other types of musubi.  We saw hot dog musubi and chicken musubi.  We tried the chicken one, and while good, it didn’t compare to the spam variety.  And the hot dog version must have been really popular, because we only saw it once.

If you are interested, here are detailed directions for making your own musubi.  In addition to the rice, nori and spam.  You’ll also need soy sauce, sugar, and furikake.

I was pretty jealous that on one of our last trips to Foodland, my brother scored this awesome reusable bag.