The Mt. Shasta Mall Movie Theater was in retrospect a pretty cool place.  However, not a good movie theater by any stretch of the imagination.  It had only 4 screens, and they were all pretty small.  But the place itself was cool.  It was super dark, you had to go down a steep sloping ramp to what felt like an underground lair of movie screens.  I remember one of my friends had a bright idea that you could roll soda cans down the ramp past the unassuming box office worker and sneak them into the theater.  (This was fine if you didn’t plan on opening your can of Coke for 30 minutes) Plus they had a Battlezone game!  And once the movie was over, you could walk across the mall to Burger Country and sit on a saddle while chomping down on a low quality hamburger.  (sadly, this was something I rarely got to do…)

The memories of this place are good, mostly because I saw many old classics from the late 70’s and early 80’s here.  I remember seeing Empire Strikes Back and Karate Kid here.  As well as some not so classic flicks like Dragnet.

But the funniest memory of the Mt. Shasta Movies was from the time I saw Fletch.

My friend Eric and I went to see Fletch one summer afternoon.  I am pretty sure that Fletch was R Rated, but they still let us in.  (I would have been 11 at the time, Eric 12, so even if this was PG-13 we should have been denied entry)

So we made our way into what was a completely empty theater.  We grabbed the best seats in the house right in the middle, and started chomping down on our smuggled candy.  Right before the movie started we saw a younger couple (in their 20’s or 30’s) enter the theater, they sat way in the corner back row.  I didn’t think anything of it, and just sat back and watched the film.

Well, Fletch was a bit over our heads as far as a movie goes.  We laughed at a few spots, but in general thought it was just OK.  But now that I’ve seen it in my older age, I’ve come to appreciate it as more of a cult classic, and not something that an 11 year old would really enjoy.

So as the credits started rolling we made our way up towards the front door of the theater.  As we got closer we noticed that the couple was no longer sitting in their seats.  At first, I thought they had left mid movie, but as we reached their row we saw that they hadn’t gone anywhere, except to the sticky movie theater floor.  Right there in front of our pre-teen eyes we saw the couple engaged in movie theater sex.  We giggled at them and quickly ran out of the theater.  You must be super horny to get busy on the popcorn, soda and trash littered floor of a movie theater.  Especially when 2 kids are watching the movie a few rows in front of you.

I believe right after Movies 8 opened on Park Marina in 1989, the mall movie theater bit the dust.  It currently partially houses a gym called “XTREME FITTNESS” (used to be a World Gym) and the front part is a “Mastercuts” and a “Wet Seal”.