I had a dream the other night in which my dad and I both worked for a large consulting firm. We were apparently based in their Chicago office, and traveled to client sites together regularly. We were like some kind of father and son consulting team, helping clients deploy rich user experiences to maximize their online ROI potential (etc etc etc). Basically, we were the typically overpaid “web consultant” guys who make six figures a year spouting buzzwords and meaningless jargon to important people.  It was odd, but I recall that they put us up in fancy hotels.

Anyway, in this dream my dad was also an “amateur extreme bus driver”, whatever that means. I just remember that he had somehow gotten hold of a giant Greybound bus and decided to see if we could take it offroading up in the mountains. I don’t even know if there are mountains in Illinois, but in my dream we did just as he intended. It was beautiful there, and looked a lot like the Rockies. At one point I got on top of the bus (at my dad’s request) as he drove. We talked about the possibility of my wife and I moving out to this random mountainous part of Illinois, and kept noting how beautiful it was out there.

And that was it.