When I move to Sonoma State for my first semester, as I said earlier, I decided to start off by living in the dorms. I didn’t know anyone, or have much money, so I went for the cheap route for a semester, and then I was going to see what happened from there.

What ended up happening was I ended up living in the “Real World – Rohnert Park”. Sonoma State doesn’t really have “traditional dorms”. What they have are these little townhouse looking buildings spread all about campus. Inside is a living room downstairs, along with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. And upstairs, there were 3 bedrooms, and I believe 1 bathroom… maybe 2. So what they did was put 5 girls upstairs, and 4 guys downstairs and we were all to share the “living room”.

If nothing else, the semester was interesting. There was a constant parade of guys going upstairs to one particular girl’s bedroom. Needless to say she had a busy semester… Everyone that lived there was pretty nice in general. A couple of the girls kind of kept to themselves, there was one that had an attitude at times, an older girl that looked too old to even be in a dorm, and the girl that ran the brothel in her room. Downstairs was Brooks, he was this guy that was drunk or stoned EVERY night. All he really seemed to do besides that was play lacrosse, because he rarely went to class. And his roommate was a Rastafarian of Asian descent. You can imagine what he smoked on occasion.

When I got my info about my dorms, it showed who I was going to be dorming with, and his contact info. I remember his name was “Matt” and he lived only about 20 miles away from Sonoma State. My first thought was why is he paying the money to live in the dorms?

Anyways… when I moved in, I quickly realized that Matt was the coolest person in the dorm. I was very thankful that I was dorming with him. Like I said, the other two guys where nice enough, but I wouldn’t have been too happy living in a cloud of smoke every night. Matt was pretty similar to me, he actually was GOING to class, but still liked to have fun when the time was right. It was cool; being from the area, Matt already knew a few people that were going to Sonoma, so I met some people through Matt. Most of our spare time was spent doing one of the following, playing Madden on the Genesis. We would have pretty epic games with me being 1978 Steelers playing Matt who was the 1988 49ers. The final score was always something like 88 – 81. That was also the first time I really consumed any large amount of alcohol… Matt and I would regularly “borrow” some of Brook’s beers, which were usually Pabst Genuine Draft, or Keystone Light. I remember one guy Matt knew was bold and would buy beer for us at the local Hindu market, and when we were feeling wealthy, we would “splurge” and buy Weinhardt’s. The other common past time was going to the local pizza joint to watch Warriors games. I recall one night watching Manute Bol sink a couple of key 3 pointers towards the end of the game, that was classic.

About my only complaint with Matt was his taste of music, he was always listening to gangstah rap. But, I am sure Matt had an equal dislike for my “strange” musical tastes. So it was never really an issue, we just keep our music down or wore headphones.

All in all, Matt was a very cool guy, and definitely helped me keep my sanity during that first semester. After the semester ended, I moved in with Eduardo, I still kept in touch with Matt, and hung out with him a few times. It was too bad, that I didn’t keep in touch with him after I left Sonoma, and I don’t even recall last name, so it would be nearly impossible to get a hold of him.