Funny thing, my top 10 concert list looks a lot like Paco’s! The usual suspects only the venues have changed. These are really in no particular order…

Radiohead @ the Gorge at George

Luna @ the Showbox

R.E.M. @ Bumbershoot then the follow up private show at the Crocodile Cafe.

Catherine Wheel @ What was the name of that place on Capitol Hill?!? They changed the name almost weekly!!!

Kent @ the Kit Kat Theater and the Crocodile Cafe

Man or Astroman @ the Howlin’ Wolf

Beastie Boys in B.C.

Gene @ the Sky Church

Built to Spill @ everywhere I’ve seen them… dozens of places including Harlow’s

Travis and Oasis @ the Paramount Theater

Pink Martini @ the Showbox

Push Kings @ the Breakroom

Moby @ Key Arena

David Gray @ Bumbershoot

This list shouldn’t reflect poorly on the showmanship of the too many to mention bands like, Sunny Day Realestate, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Pedro the Lion, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, Darude, Tiesto, the Flaming Lips, etc., etc., etc., it should reflect poorly on my own memory because I am certain there are amazing shows I’m not recalling at the moment!Push Kings