Guillermo’s Green Monster was by far the most odd, yet coolest place that I think any of the Amigo’s have lived in.

I will never forget my first visit to the Green Monster. It occurred in the summer of 1996. Mi Amigo’s Jaime, Terry, and myself decided to make a road trip up to Seattle to visit Guillermo. We decided to make it a multiple day trip of hanging out in Seattle. And, off we drove in Terry’s black Toyota.

We arrived quickly in Seattle thanks to Terry’s speedy driving up I-5, but since we had left Redding in late morning, when we rolled into Seattle, it was later at night… I believe 10 – 11 or so. Guillermo was working security at the Newmark Tower at the time. The Newmark is a tower that is mostly all condos on the top floors. With the bottom floors then being retail spaces… I remember that now the bottom floors are now nothing but offices.

Well, Guillermo’s job was basically sitting at the front desk making sure that no hoodlums made their way into the tower and ruined some tenants evening or what not.

So, when we arrived at the Tower, there was Guillermo sitting at his post. His shift had just started, and it was going to last until the morning. He gave us directions on how we could get to the place he was now living in up in Edmonds. (About 20 minutes north of Seattle) We were tired from the drive, and just wanted to go to bed.

So we took off north to Edmonds. The directions were pretty good, and within about 20 – 30 minutes, we arrived.

I was very strange. As we pulled up, we wondered if we were at the right place. In front of us in the darkness was this tall 3 story “house” with nothing but green siding all the way from the ground to the top, and a door in the middle of it all with a stair case leading up to the entrance.

Ok… well, the address matched. This had to be the place. We walked up the stairs to the door, and as we entered, we noticed that there was an upstairs and a downstairs both leading to other doors. Weird… Jaime fumbled around and started heading down, soon to find out that he wasn’t in Guillermo’s place, but another “place”. So, we headed up the stairs to the other “place” that had to be Guillermo’s.

It was SO strange. It was very dark inside once we opened the door, I remember seeing very little light inside… except for a tiny bit of moonlight that came through the huge windows in the living room. I kept thinking… this place is cool… but kind of creepy!

So we kind of stumbled around the darkness… not sure where we were, if we should turn on the lights, heck, for all we knew we weren’t even in the right house!

Well, eventually we found around the back side of the living was this tiny staircase that headed up to another floor… we walked up it slowly to the top, saw two rooms splitting off from the top of the stairs. We went in one, turned on the light, and saw items that belonged to Guillermo. Right on! Relief! We were in the right place.

It wasn’t until the next morning that we began to discover the coolness, and total weirdness that the place possessed. For one, this monster was smack dab in the middle of what looked like the Ewok forest. When you were in the living room and looking out all of the giant windows all you could see were moss covered trees. We kept expecting some Ewok to swing by on a rope anytime.

The place was obviously rigged for a handicap person. It had a giant tub that had a detachable showerhead. And, it had the most disco elevator I have ever seen. It had to have been 30+ years old. It fit maybe 2 people, and probably could hold 400 lbs max. When you got in, you closed this gate, and then watched the floors slowly go by. You could ride it all the way to the garage at the bottom. When I first road in it, I thought for sure that it would break and we would fall 3 floors to our death.

We spent a few days in the Green Monster. Marveling at the weird coolness the place possessed. Eventually we left Seattle, and said our goodbyes to Guillermo. I told him I would make a return trip for New Years.

So… the months went by before my return trip to Seattle. This time I wasn’t going to drive, I decided I would fly. After looking at prices, I got a great deal on a flight right out of Redding. I booked a ticket, and informed Guillermo I would be flying up on New Years eve, and staying for a few days. He was stoked, and we waited for the day to come.

A day or two before the flight, I was working the RT Tip, and Jaime was working with me. He was in a crappy mood because his girlfriend had broken up with him the night before.

(I will obviously leave the details of this story for Jaime to tell if he wishes…)

He asked what I was doing for New Years, and I told him I was going to Seattle. Obviously bummed out by his lack of company, Jaime asked…

“Hey… could I come with you?”

I hadn’t thought about it… I had originally planned it to be a Guillermo and Paco hang out time. But heck, the more the merrier! And Jaime needed some cheering up too.

“Sure, why not!? Do you think you can get a ticket? It might be pricey.”

“I don’t care, I am going.”

“Right on!”

So, Jaime coughed up the dough, and got on the same plane flight I was on. I don’t think he paid too awful of a price, I think it was about $100 more than what I paid. And, off we went on New Years Eve to Seattle.

That night will need to probably be discussed at another time, but it was mainly Jaime falling hard off the wagon that he had ridden for his ex. We had a blast.

However, the Green Monster related story followed the night of revelry. We kicked off the New Year right! Well… not right in the long run for Guillermo’s housing situation. Guillermo drove us back to Edmonds after the hard partying in Seattle, it was well past midnight, probably 2 AM or so when we got back. Jaime and I had tied it on pretty good, and Guillermo had kept his drinking in check so he could drive. Good Guillermo!

When we returned to the Monster, Guillermo decided the best way to cap off the evening, and to celebrate the New Year would be to light off some illegal fireworks into the Ewok Forrest. Needless to say, we didn’t disagree.

So, the light show began, Roman Candles and Bottle Rockets filled the Ewok Forrest sky for the next 30 minutes or so. We enjoyed the show, but eventually ran out of fireworks and energy, and eventually retired for the night.

The next morning Guillermo received the fateful phone call. Apparently, his landlord up the road had seen/heard the fireworks show and decided this was the last straw, and Guillermo and company were being evicted from the Monster. Jaime and I felt bad, we thought our willingness to partake in the firework show had helped cause the eviction. Guillermo assured us that wasn’t the case. He said that there were already in deep crap with the landlord over other issues, and that the fireworks were most likely just another excuse to boot them out.

It was kind of sad driving away from the Green Monster a few days later knowing that we would never return.