As I have mentioned on here before, a majority of my grocery shopping is done by “takin’ it to the Maxx!” at the local FoodMaxx.

Every other month or so FoodMaxx will send us coupons, were you get a variety of items for free if you buy $25 worth of groceries.  The items range in quality and usefulness, sometimes it is a bag of potatoes, other times it’s a 2 liter of Dr. Maxx, or whatever…

Well, a week or so ago, I got another round of coupons.  I usually get whatever they have on the free coupon even if it is something I don’t really need or want like a pack of Bar-S hot dogs.

So, I did my bi-monthly shopping trip, and grabbed the extras that were free, loaf of bread, bag of apples, etc… then I came to an item in the deli meat section that said “Free LunchMakers”.  It was basically a pre-made kids lunch.  So I took a look at it, and debated whether to even toss it in my basket, but I figured what the heck, it’s free.  I looked at some of the choices they had, most had some random mystery meat, so I grabbed one marked “Nachos”, kind of laughed, and chucked it in my cart.

Now here it is today about 10 days later, and when I was home for lunch, I opened my fridge door to find something to eat.  And there was “LunchMakers – Nachos with Nerds” staring at me from the top shelf.

“Dang…” I thought, “I better eat this thing soon otherwise I’ll just have to toss it.”

I opened it up, and immediately starting laughing.  Now, I have no kids, so maybe I’m ignorant about what they eat.  But, if I was 10 years old and opened this thing up during lunch I’d be a bit upset.  I certainly wouldn’t have cared about the lack of nutritional value at 10, but as an adult I found it to be a complete joke.  Inside there were about 20 small tortilla chips, nachos cheese sauce very similar to what you’d get at Viking Skate Country, something that kind of looks like salsa, a tiny box of Nerds candy, and a small bottle of Hawaiian Punch Fruit Drink.


Not only was this completely void of any nutritional value, but the portion size was about enough to feed a small bird.  What kid could eat this and find it even remotely satisfying?   I have never been a big eater, but even I would have needed 3 of these too satisfy my hunger.

Here are my impressions of the food.  Chips, terrible, they tasted like a tortilla cookie, they were sweet, almost to the point of being inedible.  The cheese like I said, was a cousin to the crap you find at fairs, roller rinks, and little league baseball games.  I found the salsa to be similar in taste to any store bought salsa like Pace.  Not terrible, but certainly not good.  The juice tasted Kool Aid.  I guess the only redeeming thing were the Nerds, which at least brought me back to my childhood during the 30 seconds it took to eat the 1 inch by 1 inch box.

(normal tortilla chip shown to illustrate size of meal)

Needless to say, I found something else to eat after choking down the “LunchMaker”.