So, there is a new street person I keep seeing around Redding.  I shouldn’t say he’s new though, because I have been seeing him for months.  But I spotted him again the other day, and figured he needed to be documented here.

Much like “Beard No Beard” this guy is almost always seen riding a bike, and he also has a pretty nice beard.  He always has a white jumpsuit type of outfit on, (no matter what the weather is), an orange safety vest, his head covered with a hood, sunglasses, and a Breathe Right nasal strip over the bridge of his nose.  He looks kind of similar to the famous sketch of the unabomber.

At the moment, I have nothing more to report.  He does seem to be a pretty determined biker (also like Beard No Beard) though.

Anyone else seen this guy?  Do we have a name yet?