Just about everybody had a childhood nemesis at one point or another. Maybe you were brutally and actively picked on by someone, or maybe there just was some punk kid who you had it in for. Whatever the case, it’s time to tell us about it. Come on, it’ll be therapeutic.

  • What were the circumstances surrounding (and reasons behind) your conflict?
  • Were you ever “called out” (or did you call anyone out yourself)?
  • Were there ever any threats of getting bigger kids involved (i.e. “I’m gonna git mah cuzzin”)?
  • If you fought, did you win?
  • Any injuries sustained?
  • Did you ever reconcile?
  • What is this person doing now?

This ties in with a couple of earlier topics (somewhat), so you may want to link back to earlier entries. Hopefully you will use this topic to expand on some of the people you discussed in them. Please note that these don’t necessarily need to be school-related stories.
As usual, don’t use full names. You’ll score bonus points if you can tell us the current whereabouts of this person (or people). We could even posse up the Amigos and go settle the score with them, if necessary.

You may begin.