The First Mis Amgos Locos Field Trip Topic.

This is how it works.

Step 1: Find a place in your current city of residence that you’ve NEVER been to before. Find someplace unusual, someplace that has piqued your curiosity a little, some place weird. It might be some place you’ve said “HEY I want to go there some day, I’ve always wanted to go there…” Now is your chance.

Step 2: Take a picture of it. Don’t go in. Just take a picture of it. Then post the picture with a small paragraph or two of what you think the place will hold inside for you, without ever going in. This is where you hypothesize about what you think your experience will be like when you go there.

Step 3: Make a date, and go there. If it is a restaurant, go have a meal. If it is a hair salon get your hair did. If it is a mangerie store, get some hose, and crotchless undies. You get the idea…get the full experience. Bring a camera if possible.

Step 4: Make your second post. Talk about the experience, the more photos the better.

Simple rules to follow:

1) You may take other people with you to the place…although if it is a fellow Amigo Loco, he cannot use it for his post. Although a post from them would be appreciated.
2) If someone knows you’ve been there before, you’ll have to do it over. So if Eduardo tried to go to Pancake Circus, A) it’s out of his territory, and B) I’ve eaten there with him before… so it’s no good.
3) If someone picks your place and gets the post up first, you’ll have to pick another spot.
Try to be creative, venture out of your comfort level. I’m not saying go visit Julia Butterfly Hill 1000 feet up in a redwood or anything, but you get the idea.