OK, amigos… Remember your first loves, likes, go steadies, whatever. This is the time and place to discuss this.

This is pretty general discussion, nothing in depth. This is where you discuss the girl, where you met them, why you went out with them, how it ended, and anything funny that related to them. This is not the place to discuss the odd things she could do with a cherry stem, or whatever. Keep the stories of long night lovin’ for other places. We’ve all moved passed the relationships for various reasons, usually greener pastures, so just keep it simple, and focus on the funny parts of growing up and livin’, lovin’, and learnin’

This is also the place to discuss ladies who may have liked you, but you never returned the feelings.

Please if it’s something you don’t feel comfortable discussing, don’t…I’d like to keep this funny, and not focus on any intimate aspects of our past, that stuff is best kept in the past.