Haven’t been able to post in this category in a long time, but this story fits PERFECTLY.

A few weeks ago, my friend Andres and I backpacked to the Bear Lakes in the Trinity Alps. The goal was to head up Friday afternoon, and try to get all the way to Little Bear Lake which is about 5 miles in, with the last 1/2 mile or so being an off trail scramble.

We arrived to a fairly crowded trailhead around 3:30 in the afternoon, and began the steep climb up the trail. We chatted up a horse packer at the trailhead before we left, and he thought everyone was at Big Bear Lake, so we felt confident that we’d have some privacy at the upper lakes.

Well, the hike was tough. And by the time we were making the final push across the rocky slope up to the smaller lakes, we decided that the small campsite at the tiny Wee Bear Lake would work perfect. We were exhausted, and the spot we had had a nice view of the small lake, and a view down canyon to Mt. Shasta.

So, we set up camp, cooked dinner, and sipped on a couple of cans of beer we had brought with us. It wasn’t particularly late, maybe 9:30 or so, but Andres was fading, so we decided we’d just stay up long enough to finish the 2nd beer.  I certainly agreed, as I too was wiped out.

It was beautiful out. The milky way and countless stars were starting to show, and as I gazed to the West over the rocky peaks, I noticed something WAY out of the ordinary.

Rising above the ridge was a large yellow “ball” of light that looked fairly close, and appeared quite a bit larger than the stars.

“Andres! What is that?!” I yelled while I pointed towards it.

“Whoa… I don’t know?!” he replied.

We sat dumbfounded as we watched this ball rise a bit, then start moving southward in a slight zig zagging pattern. After about 30 seconds, it shot forward a ways very quickly, then the light slowly faded completely to black and vanished.

“Paco, that was a UFO!!!”

“Dang… I guess it was!”

Later we agreed that the only somewhat logical explanation was that it was a drone. But what the heck would a drone be doing flying over the Wilderness on a Friday night?

I actually told this story to a friend a few days after the occurrence, and he said his bother has seen a drone up in the Alps during the daytime months before.

Still… It was quite odd, and still unexplained.

Maybe it was the Lemurians?