Shortly after Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo had been released on VHS, my good buddy Miguel invited me to stay over at his house and watch both movies. For nearly four hours, my fifth grade eyes absorbed more breakdancing than they ever had before. Although Breakin’ 2 was considerably more tame than the first one, I liked them both. Sure, they were mediocre Hollywood “breaksploitation” movies, but they gave me my first taste of what real battles were like. It was exciting to think that at that very moment, people wearing bandanas and parachute pants were breakdancing for respect and notoriety underneath a freeway overpass somewhere.

After we’d finished watching, Miguel and I were totally pumped up and inspired. We moved some of the furniture out of the way in his parents’ kitchen/dining room area, and proceeded to attempt some of the moves that we had seen in the movies. It was mostly a lot of awkward popping and poorly-executed waves, but I believe I also tried throwing a kneespin into the mix. If I remember correctly, I think I hit my head on a chair.
Our first foray into the world of breakin’ was not very successful, but something changed in me that night. Although it would be years before Jaimenacho and I formed our crew, I had been bitten by the breakin’ bug… and there was no turning back.