I was in Seattle with Pecos, his wife, Paco, my wife, and I think Guillermo. We decided to spend the day wandering around Pike Place Market. At lunchtime we made the choice to eat at an establishment in the market. The place was the little deli ran by people who were happier to be in the country than running an eating establishment. Before I go on, several factors need mentioning.

1) Seattle has access to the ocean.
2) Pike Place market is a notorious spot to pick up seafood, cooked, fresh, packaged, whatever.
3) Seattle has some pretty amazing restaurants.
4) Places near the ocean, usually know something about seafood dishes.

All of the other people in my group ordered sandwiches of various varieties. I’m not a huge fan of the cold sandwich, so I went with the clam chowder. You would assume, by the factors I mentioned above, that a place in a VERY highly visited area, of a seafood baring market would have pretty decent clam chowder. It would make sense. Not the case. This was the worst clam chowder I have ever had. Blind monkeys could have made better. I’m not joking. It was basically clam-flavored milk with about 2 pieces of potato in it, and a piece of celery. There was absolutely no substance to this soup. I didn’t see ANY clams in it. There were clams practically making love in the market itself, and yet none could find their way into this restaurant. I was very pissed, and I spent the majority of my time bitching about my soup. I believe everyone else was pleased with his or her sandwiches.