Well, yesterday after work I finally got to go to the “Experience”. And it was certainly not at all what I expected.

Like my first look at the place, as you pull up you kind of wonder why someone would decide that this was a good place for a business. It is on a crappy street, right next to a junky auto repair shop.

So I pulled up, and walked in the front door.

Once inside, I quickly noticed that the Experience was VERY small. And what was inside shocked me. There were racks of wine up front, a couple of small dining tables, and a row of fridges full of beer in the back. I did not expect the place to be a beer and wine shop!

So I lingered for a couple of minutes looking at the decent selection of wine, beer, and a few random spices and oils that they had on a shelf too.

In order to be polite, and also because I was curious, I grabbed a couple of bottles of beer and headed for the front counter. A big guy with a baseball cap and a chef’s outfit met me there.

He was very nice, commented on my beer selection, and proceeded to tell me about the lunches they had, and how at night they have special dinners that anyone can sign up for.

I told him I was impressed, and very surprised at what I found in his little place, and that I would make it by some day for lunch.

So all in all, the Experience was pretty cool. Nothing really interesting inside that warranted any photos. But, it was definitely not the weird cryptic place I thought it would be. Some day I will go eat there, and give a little prologue to the field trip.