It wasn’t the best show ever, heck… this band will never be mistaken for great musicians, (well… Paul’s Boutique was pretty ground breaking) but the most fun I ever had at a show was easily the Beastie Boys show I saw in the summer of 1995.

Jaimenacho and I scored some tickets to their show at Cal Expo that summer. They were touring to support their “Ill Communication” album that had come out in 1994. (which by the way, that is their last good album in my opinion.)

Jaime was living in Sac, so I cruised down and we hung out before the show, then headed down to Cal Expo for the concert. The walk up was a scene full of pot smokers and beer drinkers. It was an interesting scene… and for me, the first time I had been to an outdoor show.

I remember the opening bands were forgettable. So forgettable I don’t even remember who they were. (do you remember Jaime?)

Anyways, once the opening bands bailed the B Boys stepped up to the mic and the place went nuts.

Right off the get go, the Boys busted into some punk songs, something like “Heart Attack Man”. And the sea of humanity that was the crowd began churning. Before I knew it I was laying on the ground. Fortunetly, the crowd was kind, and parted like the Red Sea so I could get up. From that point forward I braced myself, and was ready for any future moshing. I remember looking for Jaime, during the moshing we had become seperated, when I finally spotted him he was 30 – 40 yards away. Crazy… before the show started we were right next to each other. We laughed at each other from afar, and just enjoyed the rest of the wild show.

Highlights :

“Rhymin’ and Stealin'” – The entire crowd was jumping up and down screaming “Ali Baba and the forty theives!” Truely Epic!

“Hello Brooklyn” – The bumping bass and the MCA screaming… “I got the jammie but I don’t got the permit.” Classic!

And of course – “Sabatage” – Must be seen to believed live. The lights went out for a minute, then back on when Adrock began the final scream. Awesome!

I remember leaving that show feeling truely spent. In fact, I think Jaime and I called it a night afterwards. It was great.

Funny… I saw the B Boys twice after this show, and the other 2 shows while fun, couldn’t compare to this one. Probably because for one, the other shows were indoors. And two, the Boys lost the magic after the “Ill Communication” tour.