Sometime around 1984 or 1985, my folks got my sister and I an LED Tomy Pac-Man game. It wasn’t the Atari 2600 I had wanted, but it didn’t matter. It was awesome.
We played it constantly, and I managed to get pretty good at it after a while. It was hard, too – after you beat the first few levels, it quickly got progressively more challenging. I heard from some other kid who had it that there was an “intermission” sequence (like in the arcade version of Ms. Pac Man) after the 30th level or something, but I never managed to make it that far. I suspect that this was yet another baseless video game rumor, the likes of which were quite common in those days. In retrospect, I’m willing to bet that he probably hadn’t even made it past the fifth or sixth level anyway.

I still have this thing, and have managed to keep it in really good shape.