Well… I think I need training wheels for my mountain bike, because I managed to injure myself again.

On an assuming and fairly mild summer Saturday morning in Northern California, I decided to go for a mountain bike ride.

All was well for the first 1/2 of the ride, I rode a long uphill dirt road so I could come down this fun single track for a few miles back to my truck.

The problem was, right before I was about to start heading downhill, for some odd reason my hand slipped off the handlebar. I was going pretty fast, so I quickly lost control, and equally as quickly I crashed and landed square on my shoulder.

O U C H ! ! !

“#$@%!” I thought… something is broken.

I gathered myself and my bike and walked about 20 yards until I realized that I needed to sit. I couldn’t see, and was feeling like I was going to pass out.

At this point I was 99% sure I had broken my clavical. (a.k.a. collarbone)

So I waited a few minutes to gather myself, and eventually starting walking my bike until a nice woman and her daughter drove by. I flagged them down, and got a ride to my truck.

Down at my truck, I contacted my dad who came and took me to a local walk in clinic. And sure enough after examination by the doctor and confirming x-rays… broken collarbone.

While this certainly was painful, it was about half as bad as this one.

The good thing is I don’t have to have surgery. I just have to wear this stupid sling that looks like a bra for a few weeks, and then I will be fine.

The worst of all of this? During the fall I managed to crack and ruin the screen of my ipod. Dang… guess it’s time to upgrade.