The pancake (also as I discovered in research is a ‘suicide on butt’) is a move that I saw once or twice in breakin’ movies. It basically requires you to jump as high as you can in the air, and throw your legs out straight in front of you. (like you were going to sit on an air mattress, or raft) You then proceed to land flat on the ground, not using your arms to slow impact. Most professionals end this by scooting across the floor on their rears, or simply biting their hand, to show dominance over the rival breaker.

The move hurts…a lot.

I’m not sure why this move was even invented. I tried it once. I was drunk, but for some reason I tried it. I think the simplicity of the maneuver drew me in. It hurt me. I bruised my tail bone permanently. The worst part is, even though I did it correctly, nobody was impressed. Plus the fact I was in complete lower body trauma didn’t help matters any. Any breaking move that ends with you limping for several days is not advisable to perform under any circumstance.