Ok,  I had a short and strange dream the other night… and NO, it is not porno in nature like the title of this post may suggest.

In my dream, I’m at work, and everything is pretty normal.  It’s around 2:00 in the afternoon, and I’m just winding down the last few things I have to do for the day.  Then I notice that I have received a text on my phone from Pecos a few minutes before, and it says something like this.

“It’s very important that you come over to my house ASAP”

I can’t imagine what Pecos would need that would require me to leave work to come down to his place.  But, I look around my office, and realize my boss isn’t around, so I just take off thinking I’ll get in touch with him later and tell him I just had to jet out of work early.  Don’t know why I didn’t just tell the receptionist…

Anyways, I start heading down 273 to where Pecos lives, and it turns out his house isn’t quite where it is in real life.  In fact, his home is the old house he used to live at in Enterprise, and now it just so happens to be right next to the railroad tracks.  So I figure out a place to park near his place, and go inside.  I first see his brother Roberto, and he says something in haste, and then takes off out the front door.  Strange…

Then Pecos come out, and shows me around his house.  It’s odd, because the house is either a spitting image of his old house, or they somehow moved the thing down to the railroad tracks.  The only thing that I first notice is different is the door where his bedroom used to be is completely sealed shut.  He then leads me to a door in the back out the house, and when we open it, it leads to a freaking Dicks Sporting Goods Store that is attached to his house!

“Wow!” I think, “I didn’t notice this when I pulled up!”

Pecos then proceeds to tell me about his grand business plan for having a gigantic sporting goods store attached to his small house that just so happens to be located on the railroad tracks!   We walk around the store a bit, and it’s staffed with quite a few employees moving about, but it doesn’t appear open, and Pecos informs me that they are getting ready for their grand opening.  In the meantime, I am trying to text my boss to tell him that I had to leave work early, but for some reason I can’t type the message on my phone.

It’s around then that I wake up.