A few weeks ago my little brother was talking to me about an odd food product he bought at a little out of town grocery store, “potted meat food product”. He described it as being similar in taste and texture to a cheap hotdog that had been tossed in a blender.  So on my most recent backpacking trip, my younger brother decided to bring along some so I could try it.  Well, he found 3 different cans (at about $.39 each), and brought them all up to the mountains so we can have the “Potted Meat Challenge”. So on Saturday afternoon, we cracked open all three cans.  To give you an idea what’s inside these things, here is a typical listing on ingredients,

“Mechanically separated chicken, pork skin, partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue, vinegar, salt, spices, sugar, flavorings, sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite.”


As you can see in the photo, the stuff is pink, and definitely looks blended. I put my spork into the first of the three cans, the “Armour” brand and spooned a bit out and took a bite.  First reaction, taste isn’t terrible, like a cheap hot dog, but with more spices and salt. The texture was gross though, and almost grainy.  At least it was gluten free! I then sampled the next two brands, Libbey and Wal-Mart. These while still a blended texture, did not have that off putting graininess. (Think Pate) They also were a bit better in taste, but the Wal-Mart one was overly salty.

Winner – Libbey / 2nd – Wal-Mart / 3rd – Armour

After tasting them all raw, I found that if you spread a little bit of this stuff on a cracker it’s actually not all that bad. With that said, it certainly isn’t good, and it’s gotta be very terrible for you, hence it fits here under “Bad Food”.