My little one started preschool a few weeks ago. She was super excited about it, and it was something we were looking forward too as well. My kid can get some learnin’ done, and my wife gets some time off 3 days a week to get things done during the day.

So, the idea was my wife drops my daughter off at around 8:30 or so, then I pick her up when I’m off of work at 4:00. Plan seems good at this point.

Day 1 comes, and I’m told she will be in classroom 123 when I go to pick her up. When I get to the school to get her, I realize I have no clue where that room is. I go into the office, and I’m told where it is, and that there is a parking area back by the room to drop off/pick up kids.

I jump back in my car, cruise around to the back, and park right in front of this sign.

I stare at this sign and think for a second…

“What the heck?! How do I pick up my kid, I’m the driver?!”

Of course, I ended up jumping out of my car and going to get my kid. But I have to believe I’m not the only one a little confused by this random sign.