The Earth Station was a super cool arcade. The stairwell you had to climb up… the space motifs, and does anyone else remember the theater they had in there? I was only lucky enough to visit the Earth Station on a couple of occasions, and I remember there being a movie being played in the back. Odd…


Does anyone else remember this place? It might have been the shortest lived arcade in town. I remember hearing about it in the 7th or 8th grade. It was a tiny arcade across from the Liquor Barn in that little strip mall. They had only about 15 games, and was very uninteresting… Somehow I ended up there a couple of times. They had some good games, but it was in a cheesy strip mall, and closed after probably only a few months in business.


Viking Skate had a decent little arcade within their walls. I remember that Mickie landed there for a very brief moment after it’s stay in RT. They also had a black and white Space Invaders which was SUPER cool. But all in all… it was just a small arcade in a funky roller rink.