Bought this car to have a reliable and cheap transport while I was away for college. I liked this car a lot. 4wd, great gas mileage, girls loved it too! It had a nice system too, grad present… this car was a freeway car, not off road at all. I remember one time driving thru the little town where I was attending college and this girl and I switched places while we were moving… no problems there… I loved that girl–she was so crazy! We got caught, several times, shagging in that car… closed parks late at night, off the freeway, overlooking a land fill, private roads, driveways, parking lots… let me tell you it was a lot of fun! I think it had a lot to do with our roommates and all the road trips we liked to take together. I guess that is a whole other story! This car had a knack for getting into wrecks!
First one… other driver, ditsy blonde, ran a red at 40 mph, bad news but it was fixed… I still feel that one! Next a ditzy brunette drove it under a parked truck, I paid to fix that, grrrrr, there was the flip over… freak hail storm, loss of traction, big semi, ditch, flip… ouch that hurt, but I flipped it back up and kept on going! I was in the middle of an interstate move. There was the time I was coming off the freeway and the driver side front wheel decided to fall off! I mean fall off!!! The whole thing, the brake disk and all that stuff, not just the lugs, anyway, the wheel goes away and I’m still driving on the CRV part of the axel, down the hill and into a gas station parking lot! It was late so the wheel rolling several miles up the road had no effect on anything else. The two gas guys were outside, smoking–duh at a gas station, I pulled into a parking slot— sparks flying, got out and closed and locked the door, and casually used the john, bought some drinks and snacks etc like nothing was the matter at all! It was good times!!! I used my cell and called a close by friend while I was “shopping” and left it there without missing a beat… the gas guys were speechless HAHAHA.