I am having trouble digging up any information online about the history of these two places, so this is going to be written from my old and foggy memory, any insight would be nice.

I believe the Redding Bookstore opened in 1982.  That seems like it was way too long ago, but that’s what this post on redding dot com says.  Before the Redding Bookstore, we had B Dalton Books in the Mt. Shasta Mall and Hyatt’s Books in the Downtown Mall.  Both were good bookstores, with each having their own charms, but I found the Redding Bookstore to be the best.  Also, it seemed like not long after the Redding Bookstore opened, that those other two places closed.

Redding Bookstore was located at the western corner of Placer and California in Downtown Redding.  It was a pretty good sized place, certainly larger than the 2 mall stores.  And what they had that really set them apart from other two places in my mind was the periodical section.  They had (at least for Redding) a huge row of magazines (it seemed like for dang near every topic you could think of) and tons of comics.  I could go there and browse for days, looking at hobby and sports magazines, and comics.  And anytime I had any extra cash, I’d buy something.  They also had a very impressive amount of out of town newspapers as well.

They also had a pretty decent book selection as well.  I still have my first backpacking book, “The Trinity Alps Wilderness” that I bought back in 1998.

Sometime in I believe the early 90’s (93-94?), the Redding Bookstore expanded and opened an coffee shop onsite called “Downtown Espresso”.  This was the time when the “coffee culture” was really starting to take off.  I don’t think Redding even had a Starbucks yet, but we did have “Sue’s Jave Cafe” and “Serendipity” (Love ya!) so the idea was certainly catching on.

As mentioned here, I had a very short lived job here.

A Barnes and Noble opened in Redding during the mid to late 90’s, offering a huge book selection, and a Starbucks onsite.   It wasn’t long after this, that the Redding Bookstore and Downtown Espresso closed their doors for good in I think 2000.

It’s kind of a sad reality about what happened to the Redding Bookstore, small stores often get pushed out by large retailers.  However, B and N will probably soon be going the same way as the old Redding Bookstore, to the retail grave.  As we all know, magazines, newspapers, and also books are losing out to digital media.