While on my morning run today, I made my way down the path that leads past the college near my place. As I ran into a shady area, I noticed something moving along the ground. I slowed down a bit to get a better look. To my surprise, it was an extremely large crawdad.
As soon as it saw me, it got pissed – and flared its pincers at me, threateningly. It was as if it knew who I was, and I thought for a moment that it might possibly be seeking revenge for the mistreatment and embarrasment that it (or possibly a close relative) had suffered in the Timberlake incident.
I knew better this time, having grown a bit wiser in the last eight years. I know now that it’s proper to let crawdads creep where they want to, and that disturbing them usually leads to regret and sorrow. I didn’t mess with it this time, remembering what had happened years ago. I continued running, and let the ‘dad continue to shuffle along… presumably back into the creek from whence it came.

No longer enemies, I think we both grew a little bit today.
I feel much more at peace now, knowing that the Amigos Locos and decapod crustaceans everywhere can live together in harmony.