I liked Paco’s picture on the front of the Fanatic. I wish he had the technology to make it better.

Let’s get on to the review.

Track 1- its Saduhnaynight innnit’- HAHAH I always thought this was Ian Brown…but I guess I was wrong, still very funny.
Track 2- Ocean Blue…Good song, totally fired me up to listen to that album some more. Cerulean was a good album, and they were a good band, might still be, It was a ‘pleasant surprise’ as Paco likes to put it.
Track 3- Talk Show Host- Radiohead. My favorite B side they ever put out. Somehow though, the thought of Thom Yorke with a gun and a pack of sandwiches isn’t menacing. If you stayed on his lazy eye side, he’d have a hell of a time shooting you.
Track 4- The Godrays- one of my least favorite songs by them.
Track 5- Mr. Entertainment- American Girls…good old band that sadly jumped the shark after their main song writer left. This is a good song though.
Track 6- Gene- Not one of my favorite songs by them, but it gets better at the mid-point of the song where the piano kicks in.
Track 7- Modest Mouse…one of my all time favorite songs by them, 500 miles IS A REAL long drive in a car.
Track 8- Sunny Day Real Estate- Great album, good song off that album. I almost put something off of Diary on my CD.
Track 9- Secret Shine- This band for some reason was really good in the day, and I was going to put one of their songs on my album, had the CD in my pile to dwindle down, then it got worse the more I listened to them, and more and more homo sounding. It sounded less “good” and more like a homo MBV rip-off.
Track 10- Buffalo Tom- Enemy- Great song, reminds me of a lot of late night drives with Paco singing in a drunken haze.
Track 11- Old School Wheel B-side….anything by them is good, as long as it’s not off the last album, or Happy Days…this is one of the few bands that jumped the shark twice.
That’s worthy of an award.
Track 12- Luna song from an album that otherwise signified their jumping of the shark, the best songs off this album though. I haven’t heard their new album which may put them into a league of jumping BACK over the shark.
Track 13- Chapterhouse…good song, one of the catchiest songs they ever put out, sadly it wasn’t on the early versions of the whirlpool, like the version I had, but was later added with ‘Precious One’ to later releases of the CD. Bastards.
Track 14- Butterfly McQueen- Good bass line…real smooth, like the song.
Track 15- Built to Spill- Not one of my favorites by this band. Sometimes his voice gets to me, and he goes a little too overboard with it, in this song he totally does.
Track 16- Memphis- Push Kings- Great B-side one of their best songs, probably better than most of their album, but somehow, rendered to obscurity on a B side. My kids love this song, and both clap at the appropriate points.
Track 17- Stereophonics- One of the bands on here I never really got into for some reason, I like this song though.
Track 18- Sunny Day Real Estate- Guitar and Video Games- I love this song, except that this album was sad in that it was a total jumping of the shark for them. They were never the same after the pink LP. The singer tried to learn how to sing properly, they lost their bass player, and their sound went down with them. This song was great though.
Track 19- Ride- I like this song a lot, it was off that EP with the kids looking out the window, that whole EP was good. This was the last good thing they released before they started on the road to sucking.
Track 20- By far a HUGE highlight. This is totally hilarious every time I hear it, and always spawns a search for more lunch menu’s in NC, always without success.

I liked this CD for the fact it had a good variety. Paul had a knack for picking a lot of songs by bands right before they fell into a funk. It was odd to see which songs Paco picked; we had several bands we both picked. This album had me listening to old Ride more and Old Ocean Blue. I also can’t wait for the second edition. I almost made a part 2 to my CD strictly because I was so hard pressed to not leave certain things off. I took some songs over others based on stupid things like song length. I also tried to mix it up with thinking Fernando was participating, so trying to pick things he’d like as well. There were a couple of songs I really wanted but didn’t have the CD. Overall though, it was fun making the CD, and the cover. Part 2 should rip.