My first and only high school job was Round Table. I thought being part of the virgin crew of the new 299 round table was going to be an honored experience. I usually ended up on the weekend late crew closing down, which included mopping the floors, doing all the dishes and polishing ALL the stainless steel. I was usually accompanied by the 300 pound assistant manager “Brenda” who favored listening preferences always took precendence and usually included The Judds – she drove an F-350 that she spent her entire family inheritance on to get. Then there was “Jason” who I think attended Pioneer – he was a miniture Axl Rose with a slight stuttering problem and would talk nonstop about his future plans to go to “PIT” (percussion institute of techonology I believe) and become a backup drummer for Metallica. Finally there was “Raul” — seemed nice enough, 5’4″, total short man’s complex though, mullet, drove a beater, lowered ’79 datsun – worked enough shifts with me to the point we would discuss alot of music with him, and he took an unusual interest in the variety of english bands that were popular at the time. I mistakenly lent him my Charletan’s UK tape, my favorite at the time, one day before he got canned – I never saw the tape again.

One evening as we were closing down, Jaimenacho, his anoying girlfriend, Pecos, and, I believe our other friend who was known as “the parrot” stopped by to visit and pick me up. We had just served our last order to a nice, hearing impaired couple. Jaimenacho and company picked the big “round table” in the back of the restuarant, in back of the hearing impaired couple. The hearing impaired couple had a few beers and were starting to have a good time. They were laughing and starting to hit the table as they traded signs – now, when deaf people laugh, it tends to sound a bit different. Of course, Jaimenacho and company thought this was the funniest thing ever. They proceeded to IMMITATE the deaf couple, grunting, screeching and making sounds like barking seals – of course, with much exageration. “Brenda” just looked at me, pissed off, shaking her head. “Are those YOUR friends?” ” Uh… yeah.” “well, they are making fun of the poor deaf people”, “Uh…. well, yeah?” She turned up the radio and the sounds of The Judds, to drown out the comotion.