Not a very outstanding car. Got it from the car dealer I was working for at the time, a good deal! Only thing that sticks out is the trip some of my friends made to see me during new years… we drove around a lot and “someone” was kissing every d**n girl in sight! There was this other time I was moving on Halloween so it was full of crap, this car could really pack it in! I had like six guys in the front two seats and we went to a party! That was pretty cool. I also know that a 6’1″ guy can sleep, prolly two ppl, in the back very nicely with the back seat folded down while someone else drives. Took a road trip to LA where the 3 of us rotated thru and we basically camped in the back… very nice… that was a good trip but some things broke on the car and we almost got stuck in LA it cost us like 1400 bucks to get it running again! A big chunk of our travel budget! After that I used to sleep in the back of the car all the time, stealthy, while I was *working* as a security guard in the city! There were car break-ins all the dang time… never my car… never while I was sleeping, heh. Go figure. My bosses never really caught on to that little thing. This was the last car I ever owned and drove. I sold it when the cost to benefit ratio was exceeded. I never had to drive in the city, plus I enjoyed walking so much! A few five-dollar cab rides filled in the gaps.