Ok Has anyone seen the new VW commercials? I hate them.

If you haven’t seen them, let me give you the general idea. They show people in a car, driving, having a random conversation about something mildly amusing. In one ad 4 people are discussing whether or not one of the guys cried at a movie, and in the other commercial a guy is makig fun of his friend for using “like” too much in his conversation.

As a viewer, you get into the simple conversation, and are waiting for the punch line…or ending of the converstaion when

WHAM The car gets totally T-boned by another car. Aribags deploy. Glass shatters.

Then it fades into the passengers of the car standing outside the wreckage, and one of them says, “Holy….”

Then it fades into the “SAFE HAPPENS” tag line, and a picture of a Jetta.

I get the point…the cars are safe, and that a wreck can happen whenever…but I hate the fact the commercials make me think of something else, then jar me to reality with a nasty wreck.

This hasn’t happend on this scale since the wreck in Adaptation.

So I guess, as far as being a successful ad, it works, but I still don’t like it.