My dog and I go for walks almost every day if the weather is nice.  I’ll either take him down the canal so he can swim, or I’ll take him down to Sequoia Middle School so he can run around the big field and chase geese.

Well, the other day I took him to the school.  After walking around the field for about 10 minutes, I started walking towards the gym where I could get a drink of water from a nearby fountain.  As I approached the gym, I saw a wall that had a bunch of paintings on it.  It was appararent that some art students had painted small murals on the wall.  There were about 8 different murals, they all had a few words, then images nearby to convey whatever message the words told.  For example, I saw,

Martin Luther King (with a picture of MLK)

Spring Fever (with a sun and flowers)

There were a few others that I don’t recall, then I saw an odd one that I could not figure out. 


I looked at it, and was immediately puzzled.  Is “scary scoot” something kids are aware of that I’m not?  Is it part of a TV show or something?

When I got home, I did some investigating.  However, all a Google search brought up was reference to a 5k run called the “Scary Scoot”.

Hmmmmm… this can’t be related to a fun run.  Can someone shed some light on this?  What the heck is scary scoot?  Is it an inside joke?  The name of a large blue spider?