This past Friday, about 30 minutes after I’d dropped my wife off at the airport, my phone started going crazy as a barrage of rapid-fire text messages appeared. At first, I feared something might be wrong. However, these messages were from an unknown area code, and at a glance seemed to make very little sense.


I was driving, and wasn’t going to read them while on the road. I chalked them up to being some kind of SMS spam, which I receive occasionally.

However, once I read all of these messages in sequence later, I realized that they formed a semi-coherent and legitimate-sounding message:


Let’s see what we’ve got here:

  • These messages originated from a (606) number, a Kentucky area code.
  • They are from “Scott” to “Woody”, presumably an acquaintance of his.
  • Scott, who for undisclosed reasons left the law enforcement field, is starting a small “security/lawn mowing” business in the local air park.
  • Scott is interested in arranging a trade: use of Woody’s small log cabin in exchange for rebuilding it to code and restoring its faulty electrical wiring.
  • Ever the entrepreneur, Scott is also hatching a plan to transform Woody’s ramshackle motel into a barbecue-oriented destination of some kind.

My name is not Woody, nor do I own a log cabin. I have certainly never heard of this Scott (or “S OTT”) character. The question is, if I was Woody, would I entrust my log cabin and derelict motel to someone with such atrocious locution?

I mean, if you were going to propose something like this in an effort to strengthen your fledgling small business, I’d hope you’d at least have enough intelligence to (1) not do it via SMS, and (2) not sound like an eight year old.

So what do you think? Should I get back to him?
Perhaps the Amigos Locos could be angel investors.