Here is yet another song that I didn’t hate at first, but learned to hate because of the constant rotation this song got on the radio.

“Kiss From a Rose” might be the most overplayed song I can remember, that also happen to come from a pretty crappy movie.  (Batman Forever)

During the summer of ’95, I worked at the photo lab to make some money while in Redding.  Our boss Tom always had the radio going in the lab, and it was always K-Shasta, or whatever the “soft rock” station was called at the time.  And I swear, I would hear this song EVERY day, if not more than once per day.  Working in the lab and listening to Tom hum along with “Kiss From a Rose” became a pretty common occurrence.  I never knew if I should laugh or scream.

Thankfully, when the summer ended and it was time to return to college, I no longer had to listen to K-Shasta play Seal 18 times a day.