I think a place that has not been mentioned but certainly deserves it is Senor Rosa’s. Senor Rosa’s is a burrito joint in Redding. I think every city of considerable size has its hip burrito joint where they make the traditional ‘big as a babies arm’ burrito. Sacramento has Gordito Burrito; I think Chico has a similar type place. Senior Rosa’s is Redding’s big burrito shop. A single family runs the place. I think the Dad mainly does the cooking, while his son’s and their friends work the front. The guy who runs the front, I think his name is Trevor, has an outstanding memory, he’s pretty much the Frank of the burrito world. If you go in there more than a couple times he’ll remember what you eat and your name. I hadn’t gone in there in about 8 months at one point, and I couldn’t remember what I normally get. He informed me what it was, and ordered it up for me. I have friends who go in there fairly often who he knows by name. It’s one of the small things that make you really like to go in there. Not enough can be said for outstanding service. If you want to eat here at a reasonable time you’d better call your order in about 45 minutes before hand. They don’t have a lot of kitchen space, and they hand make everything in the burrito, so it takes awhile. Plus from the lunch hours of 11-2 it’s hard to get in and be served quickly.

The place is decorated kind of like a high school boys room; it has a lot of sports pictures on the wall, some odd paintings, and some pictures of kids at proms and whatnot. I think the place was decorated on a budget under 75$. The food however, is great, and that’s what matters. I don’t really get to eat there too often because of my work schedule, but when I can I shell out the 8$ for lunch I do so. I would say the price has to be one of the few downfalls there. Burritos range in price from 6-8$. The price is well worth the quality, but still a bit pricey, and it seems like they raise them every 6 months.

This is one of those places that sort of keep the trend in Redding of crappy looking places serving great food.