One of my favorite memories as a young kid was spending almost every Friday night at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.  I am not sure when the Shakey’s opened in Redding, it was there on Churn Creek Road as long as I could remember.

Shakey’s was awesome.  The original pizza parlor.  Dark, with music playing, long benches and tables, and my favorite thing, the overhead duck shooting game.  I don’t remember the pizza being anything special, but when you are 6 years old, it didn’t really matter.

The game was pretty awesome at the time.  Mounted high up on one of the walls was a large electric board with 3 or 4 duck hunters that were lit up. You went up to the counter (I believe it was free to play) and an employee would give you this fairly large box (it was about as big as a lunch box, and fairly heavy too) with a single button on the top.  Each box was assigned to a hunter on the board, and above the hunters ducks would light up at different speeds as they “flew” across the top of the board.  You would have to push the button on your box at the correct time to shoot a duck.  Simple, yet very fun.

I believe sometime in the late 80’s Shakey’s in Redding closed.  By this point, it wasn’t the same, and I think they were losing lots of business to places like Round Table, Pizza Hut, and Dominos.  (I know we weren’t going there any more…)

The building is still there, currently it’s the home of a Thai place that I’ve never been a fan of.  And back in the mid 90’s it was British style pub that was actually kind of cool.

I did some research, and it appears Shakey’s still has quite a few locations scattered among California, and surprisingly there are quite a few locations in the Philippines.