Just like Eduardo being “haunted” by the memory of “Vegetable Soup/Outerscope”, I have been “haunted” by the memory of a random kids show that I could only describe for years as “shut the box”.

I always described it as a children’s educational animated short that appeared right after “Big Blue Marble” on KNTV channel 11.  This particular episode had a box that would talk, and a few animated kids and some random critter were around the box, and it kept saying things over and over. I always guessed it had something to do with how you speech works or something similar to that. And at one point the box would say “shut the box!”.  Eduardo and I always laughed about this even though he couldn’t remember seeing it at all.

I have failed with prior investigations into whatever the hell this show was, that is until today!

I was searching for “kids educational shorts 70s” (or something like that) and came across a video on YouTube called “The Kingdom of Could Be You”.

I watched it and it definitely seemed familiar, but I wasn’t sure it was the right show.

Some quick searches on Google found that this show was part of a series of shorts that aired during the Captain Kangaroo show and was spun off from another Captain Kangaroo short called “The Most Important Person”.

The dates seemed off, because it mentioned early 70s as the time they originally aired. But, further investigating showed that they were syndicated and aired in the late 70s / early 80s as well.

Ok, now I might be getting somewhere! I was way too young / not born when these first aired, but late 70s / early 80s is right when I would have seen these.

So I started researching “The Most Important Person”, and low and behold, bells started ringing in my head! Old memories came rushing back from deep recesses in my brain as I watched the handful of videos available on YouTube.

The “Seeing” and “Touching” episodes really cemented the fact that I was close. There are a few other videos, like one called “Hearing”, but I couldn’t find a “Speaking” one or anything that had “Shut the Box” or anything related to it.

Dang… I felt like I was so close, but at another wall.

Then I searched for an episode list and found this page.



The only sad thing is, I can’t find any related videos. If you have a link or a copy of this video please let us know!