A long time ago Paco, Pecos, maybe Eduardo, and I, and I’m not sure who else saw a man at the Red, White, and Brew pub playing keyboards, and singing. He was a good performer, and we drank our beers and thought not too much of it. I saw the same man several months later performing at another bar. He had a female singer with him. I ended up dating the singer for a period of time, and got to know that keyboard player…Armando pretty well. (Armando isn’t his Mexican code name either)

Armando was like a larger Danny DeVito. He was immensely talented. He could learn to play ANY song and program it into his keyboard, to have available at his discretion. His knowledge of music in general was mind-blowing. He knew years, performers, songs, albums, you name it. He had a son, who was shaping up to be sort of like him, other worldly smart, and goofy. Towards the end of my relationship with his female singer, He had said he was going to move to Vegas, and sing there. The guy was so talented he could get a gig anywhere I’m sure. He was a total nut, and smoked too much weed, but I always wondered what the heck happened to him.

You could literally say,

“Armando…can you play Jesse’s girl, by Rick Springfield?”

And he’d start right up with it…He could do it for any song…it was astonishing. If by some off chance he didn’t know a song, he could learn it in a matter of a hours…all the parts…drums, bass, guitar, etc.

Armando was the ultimate lounge singer.