Onward to SSU for my junior year of college. A year that would end up lasting for awhile. I had visited the campus, it looked very cool, the town was nice a mellow, not too big, not to small… and pretty close to all the fun stuff in SF.

So I began my first semester at SSU by living in the dorms. That can be discussed at a later date.

The general feeling I got about this school once I started is how wack the professors were. My first semester I had one good teacher, one for Political Science. One ok teacher for Accounting, though I nearly puked everytime I did accounting. (this helped lead me to the realization that I wasn’t going to be a business major) I had an awful teacher who filled in and tried to teach us Business Law. I don’t know what happened to our regular teacher, but they got this lady who was a business lawyer, so the university thought she was qualified to teach this class. This certainly wasn’t the case. While she was educated enough about the subject, this lady had no clue how to teach it. I am still shocked that I managed a C out of her class. Then I had a professor for History who might have been 80, he should have probably retired 10 years earlier… the only cool thing about the class was an old childhood friend named Brian B was also in the class. It was pretty funny, our professor would be talking about something, after listening to him for about the first 20 minutes or so of the class. I would look over at Brian and ask,

“What is this guy talking about?!”

And Brian would laugh at me and reply… “I don’t know.”

That’s how it was EVERY day. I would show up, listen to an hour of babble, and even if I tried REALLY hard to pay attention I always walked out of the class with NO clue as to what I just listened to. It was painfull.

Onward to my second semester. At this point I knew I didn’t want to be a business major, so I switched to Poly Sci. The only class I enjoyed from the first semester. So I enrolled in 2 poly sci classes. I don’t remember the names of the courses, they were pretty random. As were the professors. If you asked me today to tell you what I learned I would tell you not much… excpet something about Machiavelli… I also had this bogus class in the morning called “Social Geography”. It sounded interesting but it wasn’t. The professor spent most of the time trying to make us feel bad that we lived in such a rich country while the rest of the world lived in poverty.

The highlight of my second semester was the class that Eduardo and I took together. “Philosophy and Morality of Time” or something like that. I wish I had my syllabus from that class… because I don’t remember the point of it. The best thing about the class was our professor, Mr. Averbuck. He was this big guy who walked with crutches. If I remember right he had polio when he was young and it caused him to lose the use of his legs. Anyways… for some reason Eduardo and I always thought it would be funny to push him down the stairs. Don’t ask me why. We knew that was extrememly cruel, and Mr. Averbuck was a cool guy. But if we could have pushed him down the stairs and knew he wouldn’t get hurt or pissed we probably would have done it.

The most “memorable” day in Averbuck’s class was when he showed us some of Mapplethorp’s photos. I don’t recall why he did this, he gave us a full disclosure about how some of them were graphic and what not… and as many of you know, his photos hurt. Crazy gay porno bondage stuff… no thanks! But the funny thing was at one point he got to a slide of a black guy with the typical large penis. Pretty scary to say the least. Mr. Averbuck informed us that this photo was meant to show us that “white people fear the black man’s penis.” No arguing with him there! I know Eduardo and I weren’t really happy to see a slide a black guy standing there with his black python sticking out.

After one year of Sonoma I bolted to the school I should have went to first all along…