We interrupt this string of bad 90’s songs with a very strange dream post.

I had a very odd, detailed, and long dream early this morning.  I am going to try to spit out as much as I can remember to the blog, here goes…

My dream starts out, and I am at a resort type of area.  It is on a beautiful tropical beach with a nice large 18 hole golf course, and lots of huts and cabins around.  My friend T is there with me, and so is someone else who I can’t remember, and we are golfing.  The course is as I mentioned large, and it’s incredibly difficult.  I remember hazards everywhere, and gnarly elevation changes.  At one point, I’m hacking away next to a sand trap, and I look down and see a nice golf ball near mine.  Sweet, I reach down to grab it, then I see another ball, and another, and another… and then I notice there are at least 20 random balls all clustered together in the small area where I am standing.

Weird.   I look around, there is no driving range near by that would cause these balls to be hit here, plus they weren’t range balls, but why the heck were they all left here?  Without being able to come up with a logical explanation, I reach down and grab a few of the nicer ones, then continue playing.


Next thing I know, I’m getting ready to get on a boat to do some fishing.  It’s a fairly large fishing boat, and I’m with Guillermo, T, T’s Dad, and a couple of other random people.

We start off going pretty fast up and down the coastline.  (this is definitely an odd way to fish)  I’m not fishing, but rather just trying to hang on to something.  While a few other people are “trolling”, or at least trying to out of the back of the boat.  Next thing I know somebody yells,


And a few seconds later a huge dorado is pulled into the boat.

This dorado was similar to the one above, but the colors were impossibly neon green.  It was incredible, and very beautiful.

After stopping to get the fish in the boat, we continue on our insane speed boat trolling up and down the coast.  Once again, I’m spending most of my time trying to stay upright and on board instead of fishing.  And then I hear it again,


This time, It’s T’s Dad who has caught something.  His pole dips down, and at that moment the boat jerks left, I lose my grip, and drab Dad’s fishing pole to stabilize myself.  He doesn’t bat an eye, and continues reeling in.  After I get situated, I look out behind the boat just in time to see a gigantic blue tang fish (Dory from Finding Nemo) jump about 10 feet out of the air.  It was incredible, an unbelievable bright blue color, and at least 2 feet long.  (double the normal size)

Think this,

Not this.

Eventually we get the fish on the boat, and we head back to dock.  After gutting the two fish, Guillermo decided to try his hand at a fishing in a tiny nearby pond.  After putting his line in the water for 10 seconds he pulls a giant Dory fish right out of the pond.  What the heck is going on here?!


After the fishing excitement, I’m back at a one of the cabins, and T’s Wife and 3 kids are there.  And all 3 kids are having various meltdowns.  It’s very odd, because I’ve only seen his kids be really well behaved, but this time they can’t keep it together at all.  The one thing I remember the most, was the oldest (a boy who is almost 11) goes into a nearby restroom.  I’m standing there with T, and everyone else, and we are talking, and then I hear this quiet subtle noise.


And then it gets a bit louder,


Next thing I know it’s a scream,


T excuses himself, and goes and attends to his son.  He walks out of the bathroom with an exasperated look on his face and rejoins our conversation.

Things get a little fuzzy after this, but at some point Jaimenacho joins the dream, and the scenery changes into a more forested area.  Me, Guillermo, T, and Nacho all jump into a open top Jeep type of vehicle which is loaded with guns, and we start driving through the forest.  I’m riding in the back, and just kind of watching what is going on, and the next thing I know, T is sighting up a rifle, then BOOM! I see a pretty large buck drop a ways in front of me.  I don’t remember what we did with the buck, I think somebody hauled it away, and then we continued on our hunt.  After cruising a little father we see an abandoned motor home parked in the forest.

Next thing I know, Jaimenacho is yelling at us to stop the rig.  He jumps out, I do as well, and I watch as Jaime makes his way towards the front driver’s side wheel well.


He says, as he slowly approaches.  Once he arrives at the motor home, I see him reach into the wheel well above the tire, and then a small bambi type deer slowly crawls out!  It was so weird, it was like it had been sleeping in there, because it took a few seconds to kind of “wake up”, and then it scampers away.

After seeing bambi, we start to notice birds flying over head.  First we saw a few ducks, then we notice chickens flying right over the top of us.  (that’s right, high flying wild chickens!)  T fires off a few shots and misses, then the next thing I know our Jeep is freaking flying!  Like a hovercraft/helicopter, we are flying up and down, and just like in the boat, I’m having a hard time getting stable in my seat.  Just then, another “flock” of chickens approaches.  T yells out,

Get ready Paco!

I fumble around the back of the Jeep helicopter for my shotgun, but I’m having trouble grabbing it and some shells.  T then slows down, and holds a nice steady altitude, and I finally get a hold of the gun.

Then I feel a pushing against my back, and I realize my alarm is going off, and my wife is trying to wake me up.

Kind of a bummer the alarm went off, because who knows where else this dream would have headed.  I managed to remember a lot of it, but I know there was more detail that I can’t remember.