I know this is kind of a random thing to post, but what’s the deal with bad coffee and one’s mental state? I had a cup of joe from the corner coffee shop near my work this morning, and after drinking it I felt like I was on angel dust.
I drink plenty of coffee, although there have been several memorable experiences when I’ve had a cup that made me totally psycho – as if it had been laced with something. That Gold Coast Blend at Starbucks invariably makes me a stuttering, drooling retard every time I drink it, and I’m not sure why. I doubt it’s solely because of the caffeine content, because I make and drink really strong coffee at home all the time. When I have a bad cup like the ones I’m describing, I get all wigged out and feel totally paranoid for no reason. It’s pretty bizarre, and feels nothing like a ‘strong coffee’ buzz.

Anybody else ever experienced this, or have any thoughts?