I think it was Paco and I who made the first visit to the now legendary Tan’s Donuts. It’s a great little donut place, run by a nice Asian family.
Due to their limited understanding of the English language, they have adopted a rather unique method for naming the things they sell. For example, a glazed sugar-coated donut would be listed on the menu board as SUGER RING.
The long, non-circular chocolate frosted donuts are called CHO BAR, and chocolate milk is listed simply as CHO. Donut holes are just HOLES. They also serve foot-shaped donuts, called FEETS.
The whole menu board is funny, because hardly anything is named normally. Whether this is due to the language barrier or a lack of available letters is anybody’s guess.

Tan’s is also the official starting point for the semi-annual TAN’S TO SANDS bike marathon, an event Paco and I started. We start there after chugging some CHO, and finish at the ocean (about 28 miles away). Unfortunately, Jaimenacho and I were the only ones who made it the first time.
So, next time you’re in the area, stop in for a nice MAPL BAR and a glass of ORANGE. You won’t regret it!