Year one was such a rousing success, and failure in some ways… that we decided to try it again. Like Jaime said, we learned a few lessons from year 1. The most important lesson learned was, find a spot to make a home base, and stay there.

Fernando took the lead on organizing the trip, and he nailed down a cabin on Elk Lake about 30 miles west of Bend Oregon. It was an “eire” little spot. A bunch of funky little cabins surrounding this small lake up near the Three Sisters Wilderness area. He managed to get us the “biggest” cabin. It was in no way big. But somehow still managed to sleep most of us. (we had a little overflow into a tent on the front yard…)

So, the attendees for day 1 were as follows…

Fernando, Terry, Nicole, Jaime, Jaime’s Wife, Guillermo, Guillermo’s Brother, Pecos, Pecos’ Wife, and two girls I can’t remember the names of… with my ex and I being Day 2 arrivals.

Jaime will have to detail the mistake of the keg, and the first night in detail…

Anyways, my ex and I boarded my car in Seattle right after we got off work and headed south towards Bend. It was an interesting drive down Highway 97, if anyone has taken the drive through the town of Shaniko, Oregon they would know what I mean. Talk about being stuck in a time warp! That place looked like it was still in the 1920’s. Take a look at the website.

After 5+ hours of driving we finally arrived at the cabin. It was getting kind of late, it was around 9:00 by the time we showed up. The show was already going on in full force, everyone was having a good time, and I soon realized that one amigo was having too much of a good time… Pecos was plastered. Big time plastered.

So we joined in the fun. And luckily the crew had yet to have dinner… so we all got ready to eat. Soon food was served, and everyone was hanging out in the kitchen. We were eating chicken, and before long, Jaime decided he was going to choke the chicken, or I should say, have the chicken choke him. His face started to contort, and he grabbed at his throat. Most of us sitting on the other side of the room stood up, and started to head over and rescue the choking Jaime. But just as quickly as Jaime choked the chicken, Guillermo grabbed Jaime, and initiated the life saving manuever, and all was well. We had our excitement for the night, and the “injury” of the year already under our belt.

Not long after dinner it became obvious that Pecos was done for the night. So he stumbled to his hide a bed in the living room. It wasn’t long after that we heard this buzzsaw sound coming from Pecos mouth.

“Pecos stop snoring!!!”

“Argh… mumble mumble… I’m not snoring…”

Of course the snoring continued unabated… it was then that our friend T decided it was time that Pecos paid for the torture he was putting us through. T proceeded to gather up a sharpie pen and make some “instructions” on Pecos face. Basically he made a sexual reference to what should be stuck in his mouth… yuck. Needless to say we got a hell of a laugh out of it.

I believe later that night there was a swim in the lake… Jaime will have to detail that one. All I am saying, is that it wasn’t pretty…

The next few days followed a similar pattern. Going to the lake, playing badmitton, sipping cold beverages, etc… it was a great spot. We also managed to take the whole crew on a hike up to Morraine Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness which was great… even Jaime’s very pregnant wife made the journey.

All in all, year 2 was a great trip, and I’d say an improvement on year 1. Jaime will have to fill in some of the details though, since like I stated earlier, I was missing from night 1, and I missed some of the planning of our special guest from that year.