Seven years ago, I put together an 80 minute continuous mix of all kinds of random music I was listening to at the time. Spanning half a dozen genres, it was carefully designed to capture the essence of summertime fun, leisure and relaxation.

Stupidly, while upgrading to a new Mac I somehow managed to lose all the files before I could share it with anyone. For years, I kicked myself for botching what had been a fun and somewhat time-consuming project. When I unexpectedly found the disc with everything on it, I decided it was time to share this with the Amigos.

Summerific is an 80 minute journey through obscure production library music, Italian film scores, Jamaican ska, Brazilian tropicalia, party funk, and much more. Don’t be too turned off by the cheesy name, or intimidated by the weird array of genres. It’s just good music, and flows like a DJ set through the upbeat and the mellow. It represents a pretty good cross-section of what I was into at that time, and includes some rarities and obscure gems that I wanted to share.

The mix is a single jumbo-sized MP3, and intended to be listened to all the way through. My goal was to to make something that brings warmth to the listener during the colder months and can provide cheerful grooves whenever needed. I have found that it does both quite well.

If you dig it, please let me know!

Download Summerific (2006)