A few mornings ago on my way to work, I spotted a pickup with something important-looking crudely scrawled across the tailgate. I drove closer to get a better look, and snapped a photo.

When I eventually passed, I saw that the truck was driven by a perfectly normal-looking middle-aged guy. Since then, I’ve been left pondering several questions:

Is it supposed to read ‘Tibetan TEX’, or ‘TEX Tibetan / Havanese’?
‘Tibetan Facebook’?

Is Tibetan TEX a dog peddler on Facebook, as this cryptic message seems to imply?

Does he have SUPER CUTE Havanese PUPPIES?

Why the area code, but no phone number? Did he run out of room?

Who in their right mind would want to contact this person?

Multiple Google searches have yielded no leads on this one, although some of you Facebook users may want to see if you can shed some light on it.