Everybody has a first show… mine was Eddie Money.

I was in 6th or 7th grade, and back then the “coolest” radio station in town was B94 FM. It was the “rock” station in town, and all the cool kids listened to it.

Anyways, I remember listening to it one afternoon and the DJ came on with a contest to win tickets to see Eddie Money at the Civic Center.

Now, I was far from an Eddie Money fan. But, I was sitting around doing nothing, and figured what the heck, maybe I could be the lucky 6th caller.

So I grabbed the phone and dialed, fully expecting to get a busy signal. To my surprise it rang! Next thing a knew, a guy answered the phone…

“You are the 6th caller! What is your name!”

“Ummm… Paco __________ ”

“Well Paco, come on by the station sometime and pick up your prize!”

“Ok… thanks.”

I hung up a bit shocked. Holy cow… I had won tickets to a concert, and a concert I wasn’t really interested in going to. Oh well… I figured, it would be something new.

So my Mom drove me to the station a few days later, and I picked up my 2 tickets.

The night of the show came, and for some reason I took my friend Nick with me.

Side Note : Nick was one of those random friends that you have as a kid for a short period of time. He was one of those friends you have for a few months or a year, and then for whatever reason, one of you gets too cool for the other, and then one day you aren’t friends anymore. Not like you are mad at the other person, you just don’t hang out anymore. Weird…

Anyways. The show was super uninteresting. Eddie played the hits… the few he had, and then played a bunch of random songs that nobody knew or cared about. I remember being a bit overwhelmed too… there I was a kid with a bunch of adults around at a “rock” concert, and I remember smelling pot smoke floating around for the first. I was kinda freaked, and glad when it all ended.

Needless to say my first concert wasn’t a memorable one, except for the fact that is was the “first” one.