I spotted this unique structure the other day at an intersection downtown where panhandlers usually hang out. Apologies for the terrible photo, I took it from the car while waiting at the stoplight.

It’s one of those plastic playhouses for little kids, covered with junk and held together with string. I’m not sure what those wheels are all about, but it looks like the thing may have been built on some kind of customized shopping cart chassis. The boom box on top is a nice touch, and seeing the American flag in this type of context is always compelling in one way or another. It’s either intended to resonate with those who respect the flag, or issue a gin-scented sneer: “Hey all you pretty bastards, here’s how your so-called American dream has worked out for ME.”

Also present is the requisite dog bowl, though neither owner nor dog appeared to be present when I took this. I really couldn’t say what that giant toy car is doing up top there, but whoever constructed this clearly has some talent. This could be an art installation at the MOMA.