Believe it or not, Mis Amigos Locos turned ten yesterday. Yes, this crazy thing has been with us for a full decade.

You guys have made this a lot of fun, and reading through our posts here reminds me of some of the reasons why we are ‘amigos’ in the first place. We all share common history, values, and interests, which enable us to discuss all kinds of random things here in entertaining ways. Whether it’s bums on bikes, nonsensical dreams, or school memories, it’s pretty much always something the group can appreciate.

Take some time to look through our archives and old topics. Drink deeply from this pool of memories and random observations we’ve accumulated here; there is much to enjoy. I often crack up while reading some of the posts buried deep within the archives.

I must say that I look back at the entries from the blog’s earlier days and wish it was still as active. Maybe we’ve already said pretty much all we need to say, or we’re just old, or whatever. Nevertheless, I hope we can keep this thing going indefinitely, be it in this format or some other.

Here’s to the next ten years!