I have to send along my opinion, and subsequent agreement with Eduardo’s assestment of the Beastie Boys second and third albums, “Paul’s Boutique” and “Check Your Head”.

In the early nineties we rediscovered Paul’s Boutique just like many other people did. I can remember listening to “Hey Ladies” and a couple of other tracks from Paul’s Boutique back when the cd was new and thinking…

“These guys are even more lame than they were when “Fight For Your Right” came out…”

But it wasn’t until Eduardo persueded me to give the entire album a listen one day in my car that I finally appreciated how cool the album actually was.

I immediately went out and bought both cd’s and listened to both for quite some time, all the while wondering both to myself and out loud with Eduardo as to which cd was better. Which is a question that probably doesn’t have an answer.

Anyways, like I said before in a prior post… how could Eduardo and I forget the days of listening to the “The 3 Minute Rule” on the drive from Park Ridge to Sonoma State for more lectures about the Black Man’s Penis from good old Professor Averbuck?